About Us

TKI Architecture & Consulting GmbH is a specialized and awarded Design Institute focusing on healthcare facilities, hospitals and medical research centres based in Germany, Stuttgart.

Selected Awards
  • 2018 — Highlights of Architectural Hospital Design
  • 2016 — Mother and Children Hospital, Zhuhai/China, International Competition 2nd Prize
  • 2014 — Fifth Xiang Ya Hospital of Central South University, Changsha City / China, International competition 3rd prize
  • 2013 — Surgical Tower National Excellent Prize
  • 2012 — Southwest Medical Healthcare City, Lu Zhou/China, International competition 1st prize
  • 2010 — Tongji Hospital Outpatient Building, Wuhan City/China, International competition 1st prize

Foshan City Pension Health Preservation Medical Healthcare Industry Project Planning / Foshan, China

General hospital 1000 beds, 
Geriatric clinic 500 beds, 
Rehabilitation center 1000 beds

Residantials, care homes, elderly care, commercial center, green lung, recreation areas, promenade along river, shopping center, hotels, administration, underground parking

International Competition

  • Location

    Foshan, China

  • GFA

    site area 600.000 m², GFA total 1.500.000 m²

  • Services

    international competition, master plan in phases

  • Duration